Frequently Asked Questions - Bachelor of Engineering

Thinking of continuing your education into our Mining and Mineral Resource Engineering Bachelor of Engineering Program?

Our faculty and staff have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and their answers. If you have further enquirers please contact the program head.

    Entrance into the Program > >

    • Can past graduates of the technology diploma apply to the degree program and receive credit for the courses they took in the diploma?
    • Will this be a competitive entry situation?
    • Is there a recency restriction for past technology diploma graduates?
    • I am currently enrolled in a mining engineering/geological engineering degree program at another institute. May I apply for advanced placement into the degree program?
    • I have a diploma credential from another Canadian Institute of Technology. Would I be able to receive transfer credit for the courses I took and how can I apply for advanced placement into the degree program?
    • Is Financial Aid available for this program?

    About the Program Content > >

    • What is the length of the degree program and how much will it cost?
    • Is it possible to complete the degree program over an extended time period beyond the 4 year schedule?
    • Does the degree program have a co-op option?
    • If a student is accepted into the engineering program will they be awarded a Diploma of Technology after successful completion of second year?
    • Will the students in the engineering degree share any common courses with the diploma students in year two?
    • What types of courses can we expect in years three and four?
    • Will there be mine tour and field school opportunities in years three and four?
    • Will we have to pay for the mine tours and field trips?

    Accreditation and Employment > > 

    • What kind of degree will I receive when I complete the program?
    • Will this be an accredited degree program?
    • What will be the role for an engineer with this degree in the field?
    • Will I be able to pursue post-graduate studies after completing this degree?
    • What type of job might I get?