Frequently Asked Questions - Diploma

Thinking of enrolling into our Mineral Exploration and Mining Technology diploma program?

Our faculty and staff have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and their answers. If you have further enquirers please contact the program head.

    Entrance into the Program > >

    • What if I do not have the entrance requirements?
    • Is financial aid available?
    • What about student housing?

    Questions about the Program > >

    • Can I register as a professional technologist as a graduate of the Mining Program?
    • Do we have to pay for mine tours and field trips?
    • Is the program hard?
    • Who will I learn from?
    • Can I get credit for courses I have already taken?
    • Do you have a coop program?
    • Can I take courses on a part-time basis?
    • How many students enter the program each year?
    • Who are the students in the program?
    • How can I transfer into the B. Eng. in Mining and Mineral Resource Engineering degree?
    • What are the transfer options to other universities?

    Employment Opportunities > >

    • What are the employment opportunities like?
    • Where will I find a job?
    • What type of job might I get?
    • What is the pay like?