Frequently Asked Questions

Our faculty and staff have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you have further questions after reviewing our answers please contact the program head.

  1. All Students: Entry into the ADP or B.Tech. Degree as a full-time or part-time student.
    • Why choose to study GIS at BCIT?
    • What are the options for studying GIS at BCIT?
    • What is the Online GIS program option?
    • Why choose to study entirely Online?
    • What is the difference between the GIS Advanced Diploma Program and the Bachelor of Technology in GIS?
    • How does the BCIT GIS program differ from a GIS Master's degree?
    • What qualifications do I need to get in?
    • I have an Associate Degree. Do I qualify for entry?
    • I don't have a degree or diploma. Do I qualify for entry?
    • What computer background do I need?
    • What are the English language entrance requirements?
    • What do I need to submit for my application?
    • Is there a January intake?
  2. All Students: Courses and Program Content
    • What is the content of the GIS program ?
    • How does BCIT decide which courses should be in the GIS program?
    • Can I get credit for equivalent courses I have completed at University or College?
    • How do I choose between the GIS Project and the GIS Practicum courses?
    • Can I continue if I fail a course?
  3. All Students: BCIT and GIS
    • Where is BCIT? What is it like there?
    • Is there a lot of GIS activity in the area?
    • What will I be able to do once I have completed the program?
    • What type of work do the GIS graduates do?
  4. Full-Time Students: ADP or B.Tech. Degree
    • How many students are in the full-time program?
    • Do I have to select courses when registering (like University)?
    • How long will the GIS ADP or B.Tech Degree take me to complete on a full-time basis?
    • How should I prepare for the full-time program?
    • What programming courses should I take to prepare for the full-time program? 
  5. Part-Time Students : ADP or B.Tech.Degree
    • Can I complete the program entirely through Online learning (via the Internet)?
    • How long will the GIS program take me to complete on a part-time basis?
    • Are there suggested schedules of courses for part-time students?
    • Can I get exemption credit for part-time courses if I take the full-time program later on?
    • Can I get credit for part-time course tuition fees if I take the full-time program later on?
    • Which course should part-time students do first?
    • Is there a limit on how many courses a part-time student can take in a semester?
    • Do I need to have my own computer?
    • Are all courses in the program offered through part-time studies?
    • How do I take courses which are offered during the day at the Burnaby Campus?
    • Can part-time students switch to the full-time program?
    • How do I write my GIS online final exams?