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Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure

The BC Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure and BCIT have partnered to develop the AMRC program.
The program consists of six distance education courses:

Please note, these courses are currently under revision and will be updated in the coming months.

Each course is worth 2 credits and should require about 30 to 40 hours of study. However, the overall time taken to complete each course will depend upon your previous experience and the amount of time that you can dedicate to studying; a reasonable time frame is one to two months per course from the date of receiving the course material. The maximum completion time for a course is 12 months from the date of registration.

Refunds are only available for two weeks after registration.

In order to be granted Certification under the AMRC program you will need to successfully complete exams that have been prepared for each course. The minimum passing grade for the courses is 75% for each exam. The exams will be CLOSED book, i.e. you can not take your course materials into the exam.

The exception to that is AMRC 2015 Communications course which has three assignments in which an average assignment of 75% is required for successful completion.

The course materials may refer to Acts, the Geometric Design Guide (from Transportation Association of Canada), the BC Supplement to the TAC Geometric Design Guide, and other reference materials. These have not been included with the courses but should be available from your office or from the Internet. We have tried to specify/include the latest versions of these materials where appropriate but we cannot guarantee it as legislation etc. changes continuously. It is essential that you use the latest and most applicable versions of these documents in your work.

If you have any problems gaining access to the material for the course you have registered in, please contact Kristi Obradovic, Program Assistant at 604-431-4969 or