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Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure

The BC Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure and BCIT have partnered to develop the Area Manager Road Certification (AMRC) course-bundle. The courses have recently gone through a comprehensive initiative to update content and to revise the delivery model from distance education courses to online courses available through BCIT’s educational platform, the Learning Hub.  The Area Manager Road Certification (AMRC) course-bundle includes:

AMRC 1011 – Soils, Aggregate and Pit Management
AMRC 1012 – Survey Design Phases and Traffic Engineering
AMRC 1013 – Introduction to Highway Construction and Drainage
AMRC 1014 – Development Services and Traffic Management Principles
AMRC 1015 – Ministry Communications
AMRC 1016 – Highway Maintenance Agreement
AMRC 1017 – Field Practicum – pilot offering now available

Course details and registration information can be found by visiting each course page.

You are given 12 weeks to complete each course and should expect to dedicate 6-10 hours per week. The pass grade is 75%.  You have 52 weeks to complete the AMRC 1017 Field Practicum.

AMRC 1011, 1012, and 1013 are recommended to be taken in sequence, and must be completed before attempting AMRC 1017. AMRC 1014, 1015 and 1016 are stand alone courses and can be taken at any time. All 7 courses must be completed for MOTI to recognize completion of the Area Manager Road Certification (AMRC) course-bundle.

If you have any questions about the AMRC course-bundle, please email