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To participate in BCIT’s Industry Sponsored Student Project (ISSP) program, I agree to the following sponsor commitments:

  • I understand that the ISSPs are worked on by students who are learning as they go, and are not professional consultants. Therefore, a complete deliverable is not guaranteed.
  • If the students select my project, I will be available on a weekly basis during the project term to work with the students and provide information, feedback, and guidance.
  • Pay a $500 Participation Fee to BCIT – an invoice will be generated if your project is selected. (This fee will be waived for not-for-profits and charities.)
  • Upon completion of the project, I will do my best to attend the project presentation and provide an assessment of student performance.
  • According to BCIT’s Intellectual Property Policy, students in the ISSP, or any student project, own the IP they create. If this is an issue, I agree to use BCIT’s Standard Non-Disclosure and Intellectual Property Agreement, which must be completed at the beginning of the project term. (BCIT can provide a copy of this agreement for your review if you require it.)

Contact us if you would like to explore:

  • Working with and supporting more than one student team on this same proposed project, if multiple teams are available.
  • Scoping my project into multiple phases to work with students over multiple terms.