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  • The ISSP program runs every September, January and April (see ISSP Options Table for details of project terms). Submission deadlines are August 1, December 1, and March 23.

    Please fill out the project submission form below. Projects received after the deadlines will be saved for the next term.

    Important: Before submitting a project, please read about ISSP, check out the ISSP Intro Video or review the frequently asked questions pages to familiarize with the Program.

    ISSP project submission

  • Company

  • Address * Required
  • (including the nature of business and an introduction, less than 150 words)
  • Contact Person

  • Name * Required
  • Project

  • Project area (check whichever applicable)
  • This is a crucial part of your submission since your description will be published in the Projects Catalogue. Our students will determine their project choice primarily on the information you provide. Please include a detailed description of the project with well-defined goals and expectations. See also our hints for successful proposals.
  • Please see the ISSP Options table for more information.

  • If applicable, describe how the tasks are currently carried out, current status of the information, etc.

  • Is this a continuation of a previous student project?
  • How did you hear about ISSP?
  • Sponsor commitments * Required
  • See commitments
  • After submitting this form you should get a confirmation page and a confirmation in your email. If not, please let us know