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In many of our courses and credentials, our students work on industry projects, making a valuable contribution to industry while gaining an invaluable learning experience.

Computing department

Industry Sponsored Student Project (ISSP) program: As part of the diploma and degree requirements, students in our full-time Computing programs undertake two industry projects under the Industry Sponsored Student Project (ISSP) program. This provides our students with the opportunity to gain real-life, industry experience and gives them the opportunity to be evaluated by potential employers. First year diploma students work on projects as well, such as apps on a certain theme.

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Students enrolled in the Technology Professional Programs (TPP) specialty programs, including Technology Support Professional (TSP) and Office Administrator with Technology (OAT), also partner with a variety of companies and corporations to provide student work terms and projects. Industry projects are also part of the curriculum for the Software Systems Developer (SSD) program. For more information on working with students in these programs, please contact TPP.

Co-op Education: Offered as an optional program to students in the Computer Systems Technology and Computer Information Technology Diploma programs. Students who participate in Co-op Education have the opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired in classrooms and labs to real-life situations in business and industry.

Technical writing certificate

In our Technical Writing Certificate Program, students work on industry-sponsored projects, under teacher supervision, to provide students with a portfolio piece, real-world experience, and with industry contacts and references, while providing industry with a valuable service. If you think you may have a suitable project, please contact Geraldine Eliot.