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Computing PTS student guide

Please read this Part-time Studies Computing Student Guide [PDF].

Information sessions

Prior to term start, we offer Computing PTS Information Sessions, both new and existing students are welcome. These information sessions are available both Downtown and Burnaby.

Computing PTS student responsibilities

Each student must be able to communicate in English at a BC High School Grade 12 level or better. Please be sure that you have the prerequisite or have equivalent knowledge for each course. Do not attempt to take follow-on courses at the same time as the prerequisite.

Programming languages COMP 2000 series

It is not reasonable for students to attempt multiple or different programming languages simultaneously. The syntax for C++, Java and C# is all based on the C programming language and each object-oriented environment is different.


All course descriptions, prerequisites, tuition, schedules and location information is clearly detailed online. Please do not telephone or email us asking for this information.

Once in a COMP course, your instructor is the first point of contact for your course questions.

If you have registration or related issues, please contact your Program Assistant via email: