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Our faculty and staff in the Computing Department bring a wealth of industry-relevant skills and educational experience to your training at BCIT. For more information about our instructors, including program associations, please visit our individual departments.

For general inquiries, feel free to contact us.

Key personnel

Computer Systems Technology (CST) Diploma

  • Donna Turner, Program Head (Student Success) / Instructor
  • Chi En Huang, Program Head (Curriculum) / Instructor
  • Stephanie Jackson, Program Coordinator

Computer Systems Technology Bachelor of Technology (CST BTech) Degree

  • Donna Turner, Program Head (Student Success)
  • Mirela Gutica, Program Head (Curriculum) / Instructor
  • Michal Dziubek, Program Coordinator

Computer Information Technology (CIT) Diploma

  • Thomas Lane, Program Head / Instructor

Full-Stack Web Development (FSWD) Diploma

  • Sam Meech-Ward, Program Head / Instructor
  • Ron Terencio, Program Coordinator

Technology Professional Programs (TPP)

  • Pat McGee, Program Head / Instructor, Software Systems Developer (SSD)
  • Michael Whyte, Program Head / Instructor, Front-End Web Developer (FWD)
  • Orrett Morgan, Program Head / Instructor, Technology Support Professional (TSP)
  • Lorraine Fentie, Program Head / Instructor, Office Administrator with Technology Program (OAT)
  • Bal Lidhar, Program Coordinator, Technology Support Professional (TSP), Front-End Web Developer (FWD), Office Administrator with Technology Program (OAT) & Software Systems Developer (SSD)

Computing Part-time Studies programs (CST/PTS)

  • Gustavo Montemor, PTS Program Assistant
  • Joanne Atha, Coordinator PTS and Industry Training
  • Kevin Cudihee, Program Head, PTS and Industry Training
  • Karen Lee, PTS Program Assistant

School of Computing and Academic Studies (SoCAS)

  • Aaron Hunter, Acting Associate Dean Computing Programs
  • Cynthia van Ginkel, Business Development Manager
  • Youri van Vliet, Marketing, Communications & Industry Project Coordinator

“The beauty of AI for me is that you solve a problem, but then you can automate it. Offloading some of the duty means you can do more things – you’re building tools to help you. It’s this tooling aspect that really interests me – I’m not looking to build a robot human that acts similar to humans. I want to use AI to help humans.”

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Faculty & staff

Full-time programs

Computer Systems Technology (CST) Diploma
Computer Information Technology (CIT) Diploma
Computer Systems Technology Bachelor of Technology (CST BTech) Degree
Full-Stack Web Development (FSWD) Diploma

Fast-track programs

Front-End Web Developer (FWD)
Office Administrator with Technology (OAT)
Software Systems Developer (SSD)
Technology Support Professional (TSP)
Network Administration and Security Professional (NASP)


Thompson, Christopher G
Abdulla, Aman I, Option Head – Data Communications & Network Security
Yu, Benjamin, Option Head – Database
Randhawa, Tejinder, Option Head – Client/Server
Ferguson, Arron
Richards, Dennis, Option Head – Digital Processing
Neilson, Robert J
Wei, Albert H
Link, Bruce D, Option Head – Information Systems
Elmasry, Medhat, Option Head – Web & Mobile (.NET)
Wiebe, Christopher R
Harrison, Jason W, Option Head – Tech Entrepreneur
McGee, Patrick H, Instructor, Option Head – Predictive Analytics
Noureddin, Borna
Hunter, Aaron
Orr, Carly Y
Huang, Chi En
Lord, Trevor D
Dargahi, Farnaz, Option Head – Cloud Computing
Zhang, Lei
Aibin, Michal
Amintabar, Amirhasan
Yim, Jeffrey W
Guichon, Patrick J
Changizi, Neda
Mulder, Michael J
Dhanji, Armaan
Guicherd, Timothee F
Magliery, Thomas
Kukreja, Rahul
Khezrzadeh, Maryam
Javadi, Seyed Mohammad
Kozma, Beata
Deol, Rajen S
Cooper, Alexandra M
Meech Ward, Sam

Why choose teaching? Q & A with Computing Program Head Trevor Lord

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