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Our faculty and staff in the Computing Department bring a wealth of industry-relevant skills and educational experience to your training at BCIT. For more information about our instructors, including program associations, please visit our individual departments.

For general inquiries, feel free to contact us.

Key personnel

Faculty & staff

Full-time programs

Computer Systems Technology (CST) Diploma
Computer Information Technology (CIT) Diploma
Computer Systems Technology Bachelor of Technology (CST BTech) Degree
Full-Stack Web Development (FSWD) Diploma

Aaron Hunter, Instructor
Albert Wei, Instructor
Aman Abdulla, Option Head – Data Communications & Network Security
Amir Amintabar, Instructor
Arron Ferguson, Instructor
Benjamin Yu, Option Head – Database
Borna Noureddin, Instructor
Bruce Link, Option Head – Information Systems
Carly Wong-Orr, Instructor
Chi En Huang, Instructor
Chris Wiebe, Instructor
Christopher Thompson, Instructor
D’Arcy Smith, Instructor, Option Head – Web & Mobile (iOS) & Tech Entrepreneur
Dennis Richards, Option Head – Digital Processing
Donna Turner, Instructor
Farnaz Dargahi, Option Head – Cloud Computing
Jason Harrison, Instructor, Option Head – Web & Mobile (PhP)
Jeff Yim, Instructor
Keith Tang, Instructor
Lei Zhang, Instructor
Medhat Elmasry, Option Head – Web & Mobile (.NET)
Michal Aibin, Instructor
Mike Starkey, Associate Dean
Mirela Gutica, Option Head – Technical Programming
Pat McGee, Instructor, Option Head – Predictive Analytics
Rob Neilson, Instructor
Tejinder Randhawa, Option Head – Client/Server
Thomas Lane, Instructor
Tim Guicherd, Instructor
Trevor Lord, Instructor

Technology Professional (TPP) programs

Computing part-time programs

  • Joanne Atha, PTS Coordinator, Part-time Studies and Industry Training
  • Michal Dziubek, Program Coordinator, CST BTech Part-time Studies
  • Kevin Cudihee, Program Head, Part-time Studies and Industry Training