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If you are looking to fast-track a credential, please consider our Full-time 2 year programs.

Most Computing Part-time Associate Certificates cannot be completed in less than two (2) years.

Please note: It is not possible for students to attempt a full-time course load via PTS courses due to schedules and prerequisites.

Part-time Studies is a course by course registration and most Computing PTS credentials require at least two (2) years to complete.

Do not assume that by completing any part-time equivalent COMP courses that you will be accepted into the full-time programs.

You must work with the Program Heads in advance for any COMP course planning and prior approval if you plan to apply to full-time.

Full-time admissions are very competitive and there is currently a waitlist with no guarantee of acceptance.

We have created the Computing Part-time Studies Student Guide [PDF] to help you become successful in BCIT Computing courses and programs.

It is each student’s responsibility to read this guide and to be familiar with our department rules and expectations.