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By cooperating with industry partners, we want to build language confidence in English as an Additional Language (EAL) students so they can grow in their communication skills, succeed in job interviews, and acquire jobs in their field of study. We want to create an environment for EAL students to gain valuable, hands-on job application skills through authentic interview scenarios with hiring managers, company managers, and others.

We want to also share knowledge about company hiring culture and insights into EAL students’ strengths and weaknesses with other industry sponsors.

Our first cooperation is with Clarius Mobile Health, a Vancouver-based company that develops accurate, easy to use, and affordable imaging tools for medical professionals around the world. Clarius hires BCIT grads and currently has four BCIT alumni in their company and has mentored five BCIT students through its coop program. The VP of Research & Development is also a member of SoCAS PAC, playing an important role in the training and education of BCIT students.

Other Partners

Language Success Team

Future Skills Centre

Government of Canada

Young Newcomers and International Students in Diploma Programs: Shock-Proofing Through Language Confidence is funded by the Government of Canada under the Future Skills program