Placement Process

Workplace Education (Co-op) positions may be one of those found by the Co-op Coordinator and posted through the Centre for Workplace Education (CWE) computerized system called "The Bridge" or a position found by the Workplace Education (Co-op) student. Students are encouraged to locate and secure their own work placement.

"The Bridge" job postings are a competitive process. In many cases, BCIT's Workplace Education (Co-op) students may be competing with students from other post-secondary institutions.

"The Bridge" Job Postings

Workplace Education (Co-op) students are provided instructions on how to use "The Bridge" by the Co-op coordinator. These procedures are briefly summerized below:

Accepting a Position

Students are encouraged to consult with their Co-op Coordinator directly during the process of accepting a position.

Once a Workplace Education (Co-op) student has received a position offer from an employer they are expected to contact the employer to discuss the exact terms of employment. Normally, the employer will formally indicate by letter, the conditions of employment.

When an employer makes a job offer, the student makes a firm commitment to that employer for the period of the placement by signing the Confirmation of the Work Term form.

Tuition Fee

Once a student is placed in a Workplace Education (Co-op) position, they will be registered by their Co-op Coordinator in the appropriate work term course. Workplace Education (Co-op) students will be provided specific information by their Co-op Coordinator as to fees and payment processes for their particular course. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that their course tuition fees are paid by the due date.