Bachelor of Engineering – Mechanical Engineering

This program prepares graduates for successful professional practice. It focuses on developing strong analytical, technical design, communication and management skills. Students will become effective problem solvers as well as critical and creative thinkers. The program also covers the ethical responsibilities in professional conduct and the impact that engineering work has on the environment.

For more information on the program, including an overview of the curriculum, please visit the following link: Mechanical Engineering Technology

Here's what our students had to say:

"The projects I was given were in-line with my studies and quite interesting. I enjoyed investigating an often-failing driveline for a piece of heavy equipment and applying what I learned from practical courses taken within the BCIT Mechanical Engineering degree program.

I went in there without any previous sawmilling experience but everyone was glad to answer my questions. Also, the technology I was exposed to was pretty interesting. I was included as part of the team and I left feeling good about the positive impact I made."

Matt de Boer, Maintenance Technician, Summer work term, Interfor

“I would describe my time at Interfor as both interesting and useful. The range of people involved in my day-to-day activities was useful in my learning process because I had the opportunity to work in an industrial setting and supervise employees. I was faced with new challenges every day that involved both time management and problem solving. I was also given the chance to use a lot of what I learned at BCIT and surprised by how much material I actually knew!”

Morgan Latremouille, Maintenance Technician, Summer work term, Interfor