Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technician: Testimonials

Employer Testimonials

"Workplace education is the key for any apprentice learning their craft. Until you are in the field actually working on the equipment you really don't get a full idea of what you are getting into. The co-op program for instance is great for that because its good mix between being in school and the workplace within the time frame of the course."
Damon Davis, Service Foreman. Airstream Heating and Air Conditioning

Student Testimonials

"The benefits of the co-op program in my opinion are that it is a lot more intensive and hands on. This is what I have learned from employers, where people have taken schooling from other schools. BCIT's education is outstanding."
Justin Yu, HVAC+R Co-op Student, Sustainable Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

"Through co-op, students will have the opportunity to prove their ability and be able to find a job after graduation."
Astor Su, HVAC+R Co-op Student, Airstream Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd.