Hiring Process

The Workplace Education (Co-op) placement process is administered through the Centre for Workplace Education (CWE). Employers may submit their job descriptions to the relevant Co-op Coordinator. They may also post directly on "The Bridge", which is the Centre for Workplace Education (CWE) data base information system.

The CWE staff will post the position for the viewing of the Workplace Education (Co-op) students and forward the résumés of interested students to the employers.

Employers' short list the students they wish to interview and the CWE staff will then assist with the necessary interview arrangements. On-campus recruitment facilities can also be arranged.

The specific steps in the hiring procedure may include:

  1. Job Descriptions

    Prior to the start of the work term, employers are asked to provide job descriptions which outline the duties and responsibilities, required education, skills and experience. To assist the employer, a Job Description Form is available from the CWE office.

  2. Student Applications

    Job descriptions are posted on 'The Bridge', the Centre for Workplace Education (CWE) data base information system. Cover letters, resumes and other requested documents of the student applicants are then forwarded directly to the employer for review and interview selection.

  3. Interviews

    The CWE staff can arrange interview times for the employers and candidates. Usually interviews take place on campus or at the place of employment. Telephone interviews may be arranged for non-local employers.

  4. Placement Process

    Upon completion of the interviews, employers are asked to advise the Co-op Coordinator of their hiring choice(s). The Co-op Coordinator will confirm acceptance with the student and employer.

  5. Acceptance of Offer

    Employers are requested to provide an offer which will include: salary, start and end date and any other relevant conditions of employment. Students are asked to respond to the employer within a twenty-four hour time frame.

  6. Student Job Development

    Workplace Education (Co-op) students are encouraged to develop their own work term opportunities and may approach potential employers directly. If employers have not been actively employing Workplace Education (Co-op) students previously, it is recommended that they contact the relevant Co-op Coordinator to discuss the position and hiring procedures.