Electrical & Computing Engineering Technology :: Testimonials

Employer Testimonials

"The Co-op Program provides an excellent opportunity for employers to perform an extended interview. Many Co-op students end up being re-hired upon completion of their degrees or certificates. Students graduate with industry experience, which makes them more employable."
Tyson Kaempffer, Team Lead, Instrumentations Services Dept, BC Hydro

"Due to the nature of the BCIT curriculum, BCIT students have a great work ethic. This coupled with an eagerness to learn allows them to integrate well into our engineering department."
Roy Speers, Control Specialist, Molsen Canada

"(1) Receive well trained students from BCIT. (2) Possibility of offering full time employment once a student has completed studies and (3) Exposure for the employer re: what we provide to the aviation industry; what simulation is all about. Basically a win-win situation for both BCIT student and employer."
Mauro Pezzetta, Group Leader, CAE

Student Testimonials

"I gained an idea of what the real world workplace is like and learned skills not normally obtained through the ECET program such as wiring and soldering."
Erik Klett, Co-op Student with Argus Controls

"My Co-op work term at Molsen Breweries has been an incredible learning experience. Not only did it help me to decide my option, but it also gave me a feel for the real work environment. I encourage all students to participate in the Co-op Program."
Dusiant Charan, Co-op Student with Molsen Breweries

"The Instrumentation position allowed me to work at a variety of BC Hydro facilities, which always brought with it new challenges and rewards. Without the BCIT Co-op Program, I never would have known that this position existed. But because of my participation in the Co-op program, I now have a better understanding of the job market and my future career options."
Geoff Green, Co-op Student with BC Hydro

"Working at TELUS Mobility has been a wonderful experience. This is the second year that I've worked in there and this helps me further develop hands on skills and knowledge which will lead me to succeed in this field. Everyone works as a group in TELUS and we support each other to complete many tasks.

Besides just working in the office, sometimes there are opportunities to go work in the field. You get to know more about the safety and industry standard when you work in the field. It is also a great opportunity to build network with different contractor companies who work in the field."
Billy Hui, Co-op student with Telus Mobility