Computer Information Technology and Computer Systems Technology :: Testimonials

Employer Testimonials

"By participating in the BCIT CST Co-op Program we can expect students that we hire to have job-ready skills. All of the students we have hired thus far have come prepared for the work environment, had the ability to manage their time wisely and been able to handle multiple job responsibilities-this, of course, on top of having the technical skills to perform their job. These reasons are why we plan to grow our internal IT staff through BCIT’s Co-op program."
Trevor Clarke, Administrator, Next Level Games Inc.

"The students get real life experience in the business world and learn the soft skills one cannot learn in the classroom. The students hit the ground running - ready to go when the employer gets them."
Pam Cunningham, Technology Systems Service and Support Manger, Teck Cominco Limited

Student Testimonials

"The benefits of co-op for students are actual industry work experience and great contacts. Students will discover that the co-op opportunities and programs at BCIT are high quality and extremely valuable."
Sean Calder, Co-op Student-Systems Administrator, Business Objects

"As a BCIT co-op student, I now have the confidence to solve any software application problems I am faced with."
Shane Vander Meer, Co-op Student-Applications Support, Marqui Solutions Inc.

"In school, it's a very different environment than doing work in an actual job; and it's possible it's not what you expected. So it's a good way to try out the field you are studying in."
Andrea Lee, Co-op Student-Co-op Software Developer-Marketing Applications, Fiver Media