Honours in Biotechnology :: Testimonials

Employer Testimonials

"This student showed exemplary performance as a laboratory research aide. She surpassed all my expectations of a student trainee."

"This student maintained a high level of enthusiasm for this project throughout the work term. It was a real pleasure to work with this student because of her enthusiasm to learn."

"Was more than pleased with every aspect of employment. I am quite sure his intuitive mind will send him great places."

"I would hire this student in an instant and would feel comfortable recommending him to any laboratory. I hope he will consider working in my lab in the future."

Student Testimonials

"My entire Co-op experience was wonderful. I know the experience will definitely help me in my future career and my learning at school."

"This summer has been a great experience and helped me see that research is a possible career for me in the future."

"The Co-op work term gave me a chance to gain experience working in a pharmaceutical firm. I was able to observe and learn about pharmaceutical product development, and I was also able to make contact with researchers, supervisors, and managers in this industry."