Past Projects

Client: BCCA Cancer Research Centre
Project: Website and backend database to track laboratory safety issues and incidents such as work place injuries. Website included training literature, protocols, standard operating procedures, and guidelines related to good laboratory practices.
 Project: "My company worked on 2 separate ISSP projects with BCIT students over the past year to build a WordPress Plugin for our Jobcast product and on a data mapping project for our analytics tool. The faculty at BCIT do a great job coordinating with industry to work with their students and we found both of our student groups to be proficient in managing projects, coming up with technical solutions and working with our senior development team to build creative solutions. With one team, we added a suite of features to Jobcast and the other team mined and cleaned data to provide more accurate information for our analytics project. I highly recommend the BCIT ISSP projects to anyone looking for technical solutions for prototyping, building new applications or fine tuning an existing system." -Ryan St. Germaine,
Client: BlackShire Recruiting Services Inc.
Project: Created a detailed action plan for migration of all BlackShire IT infrastructure/data to hosted cloud services that could be implemented within a 24 hour period in the event of disaster or major system failure.
Client: Geeks without Borders
Project: Helped develop the infrastructure needed to match skilled volunteers and organizations/project, including:
1) A volunteer registration process where volunteers could provide their skills and info,
2) An organization registration process where organizations who wish to recruit volunteers could create a profile, and
3) A project registration process where organizations could list one or more project for which they would like to recruit.
Also built a web presence to tell the general public and would-be donors about the organization, what it does, and how to connect with them.
Client: Healthism Systems Inc.
Project: 1) User Interface Design: using the latest technologies (HTML5/CSS/Jquery), designed and built an exercise and healthy eating tracking system.
2) Web Programming: specific projects requiring implementation using the Rails 3 framework and MySQL.
3) Mobile Development: assistance in converting web application into a mobile application.
Client: Overwaitea Food Group
Project: Built a mobile application to assist with inventory management and control which included Java ME Webservices Eclipse Open Source Bar Code Libraries, to help meet the changing needs of this large grocery business.
Client: QwickMedia
Project: Interactive Kiosk Traffic Camera: Developed an expandable framework for the Kiosk software to count and analyze nearby human foot traffic via a webcam. Data was then uploaded to a webservice. Also worked on project to help determine unique customers in a day including their gender, height, estimated age, direction of traffic, and how long they spent in front of the screen.
Client: Plenty of Fish Media Inc.
Project: Developed an online real time two-player turn-based game to encourage social interaction, including chat, for android, ios, and web.
Client: ReFleX Wireless Inc.
Project: Developed desktop applications that provided intuitive GUI for medical researchers/clinicians to collect and analyze patient data using wireless sensors.
Client: TerraTap Technologies Inc.
Project: Worked on app designed to provide corporate strength with customized features, and ultimately become the go-to location for tasks across integrated platforms.
Client: Inc
Project: Created an HTML 5 application for use on Android, iPhone, and Blackberry to communicate with a JSON service with two key functions:
1. Search feature for a domain name to see if it is available for purchase.
2. If the domain is taken, the customer can do a WHOIS look up and it will return the details about who owns the domain.
Client: Webtech Wireless
Project: Vehicle telematics project -- this is one of the technological areas in the fast growing machine-to-machine (M2M) market. The goal of this project was to develop a simulator enabling Webtech Wireless devices to be proven in the lab environment without exhaustive road testing.