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FSCT 7810 - Introduction to Forensic Health Sciences

Forensic health care and the application of forensic medical expertise is emerging as a new specialty in both health care and in investigative professions where medical and legal issues overlap. This course provides an overview of the various components of forensic health sciences. Although the material focuses on the role of the forensic nurse, the content will be of benefit to all health care and allied health professionals, law enforcement and investigative personnel whose work intersects with aspects of the healthcare system or where forensic medical expertise can assist in the investigative process.

Through an introduction to forensic health sciences, the role of the health care or allied health professional will be explored by bridging medical and legal components. The course will present the evolution of forensic nursing and explore the various roles and responsibilities of the forensic nurse in a variety of healthcare and non-traditional settings. The course will also explore the gap between the medical and forensic medical information and law enforcement/investigative agencies and the criminal justice system in both criminal and non-criminal incidents requiring investigation. This course will provide the framework for bridging this gap and students will uncover the potential to apply forensic health science expertise in variety of settings and multidisciplinary environments.

Prerequisite: None. This is a 3 credit course consisting of ten modules
Delivery Format: Online, asynchronous
Technical Requirements: Access to computer and internet

This course provides an introduction to the role of forensic nursing and is the prerequisite for the Forensic Nurse Examiner Course (FSCT 7840). This course is delivered 100% online. No attendance required.

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FSCT 7840 - Forensic Nurse Examiner Core Education: Theoretical Aspects

This course provides the forensic knowledge and skills for forensic health assessments, evidence collection, chain-of-custody, medicolegal documentation and evaluation of victims of sexual violence (adult and adolescent). The course prepares registered nurses for the role of a forensic nurse examiner within forensic nursing programs. Instructors are industry experts from within healthcare, law enforcement, criminal justice and forensic sciences. Course content meets the standards of practice for sexual assault nurse examiners by the International Association of Forensic Nurses.

Successful completion of FSCT 7810. This is a 3 credit course.
Delivery Format: Hybrid (online and classroom setting). Interactive video conferencing, via web platform and one day on-campus for guest speakers and practical skills demonstrations.
Technical Requirements: Access to computer, internet, and audio and video capabilities (webcam)

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Our workshops are one-off learning sessions for industry professionals who wish to learn something new, or simply wish to participate for general interest. We offer a wide range of workshops that occur throughout the year.

Potential students are also encouraged to register for a workshop of interest. You may attend workshops without being registered in the BTech or AC programs.

Custom Workshops and Courses

If you need a custom module or course just for your team, e-mail us a description.

FSCT 0079 - Advanced Education Day for Nurse Examiners and Others

This seminar is designed as an advanced educational opportunity for those working or interested in the forensic health care of different populations. Forensic health sciences topics may include advanced education in sexual violence, child and elder abuse, inter personal violence and trauma, human trafficking, death investigation, legal nurse consulting, forensic psychiatric and forensic corrections for forensic nurse examiners and other interested professionals such as social workers, law enforcement, emergency health services personnel and physicians This one day seminar focuses on topics of interest to forensic nurse examiners and other professionals who provide services to the victims and potential victims of crime, violence and trauma. The day will cover a number of pertinent topics with a variety of speakers. Video Streaming to remote locations available.

Dates:  Next dates TBA
Time:  09:00 - 13:00
Locations:  BCIT Burnaby Campus and video-conferenced to remote sites.

For full description and to register, please visit the workshop web page.

Prerequisites: Nurse Practitioner, Physician, Advanced Practice RN, RN(C)- Rural Remote Certified, Outpost Nurse or by permission of the instructor.

For more information, please contact Colin Harris.

FSCT 0091 - Forensic Approaches to Caring for Victims of Violence in Primary Health Care

Forensic health care and trauma informed practice are emerging as new concepts in the medical/health care of Canadians. It can be a challenge for primary health care providers to care for victims of violence in a compassionate manner while also keeping in mind possible evidence collection and necessary medical care. This course will provide a foundation for providing trauma informed forensic medical/health care to victims of violence. This course is specifically for primary health care providers (Nurse Practitioners, Family Physicians) and RNs working in rural or remote settings (ie. RN(C)) with limited access to a forensic (or SANE) program at the local hospital. It will provide the background necessary to support both the health care needs of these patients as well as their forensic needs. 

Video Streaming to remote locations available. Contact for more information.

Dates: Next dates TBA. For full description and to register, please visit the workshop web page.

Prerequisites: Nurse Practitioner, Physician, Advanced Practice RN, RN(C)- Rural Remote Certified, Outpost Nurse or by permission of the instructor.

For more information, please contact Colin Harris.

FSCT 0098 – Forensic Entomology Field Day with Gail Anderson

This one day hands-on workshop will introduce investigators to the field of forensic entomology and how this discipline may assist you in your investigations. World renowned forensic entomologist Gail Anderson will lead this session with a half day lecture on the application of forensic entomology for investigative purposes followed by a half day hands-on field exercise studying insects at a mock scene using carrion. The lecture component will provide investigators with some practical knowledge on how insects may assist different aspects of an investigation; including the estimation of the elapsed time since death, whether a body has been disturbed or moved after death, or whether drugs where used prior to death. The hands-on practical session will give the participants experience with a 'real' situation in which insects have naturally colonized carcasses and allow them to perform full insect collections as they would at a real crime scene.

The workshop will provide the investigator with an overall understanding of entomology and its applications to criminal or sudden death investigations, collecting insect evidence at a crime scene in a manner defensible in court, the value of insect evidence, and the results which can be expected from an entomologist.

Workshop Objectives:

Date:  TBD
Location: Maple Ridge, BC

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Who should take this workshop: Any individual conducting investigations into events or circumstances that have led to a sudden death or homicide involving an individual or animal.

FSCT 0090 - Internet & Social Media Investigative Techniques

This three day, hands-on workshop will provide students with the latest techniques used to effectively gather online information for investigative purposes relating to persons, companies, and other assets. Students will be introduced to the methods of gathering online intelligence through social media platforms, search engines, and dark web searches. In addition, students will learn how to assess potential counter-intelligence concerns. Particular emphasis will be placed on heightened awareness and the "paper trail" investigators may leave behind when using internet investigation tools. Approaches to maintain privacy and security when carrying out online investigations will also be explored and students will be introduced to a variety of online search methodologies.

Workshop Objectives:

Date: TBC
Location: BCIT Downtown Campus, 555 Seymour Street, Vancouver

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Note: There an option to attend only the first day at a reduced price of $285.

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FSCT 0092 - Interviewing and Investigative Strategies for Health Care Colleges and Other Organizations

This course is for potential inspectors/investigators charged with the responsibility of looking into complaints from the public or from within organizations of all types. Participants will be provided with knowledge and skills required to investigate complaints in accordance with governing legislation. Guidance by an experienced inspector/investigator into the investigation process utilizing examples of specialized tools and case studies, will provide resources and references for the inspector/investigator.

Date: Next dates TBD

For full description and to register, please visit the workshop web page.

For more information, please contact Colin Harris.