Career Paths

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Digital Forensics & Cybersecurity

The Digital Forensics & Cybersecurity program is intended to provide the additional skills and knowledge that professionals require to work successfully in the prevention and investigation of commercial crime and computer crime. There is a growing requirement for professionals in both the private and public sectors. Some applications of computer forensics are:

Crime and Intelligence Analysis

With the theoretical and practical training offered in these studies, students will be prepared for rewarding careers. New policing models require a body of specialist analysts, appropriately trained in the tools and techniques of crime and intelligence analysis. Demand for professionals in this area are expected to continue to grow into the foreseeable future.

Forensic Science

With your previously obtained degree(s) in science, combined with the courses you take in this program, you could become a forensic technologist, analyst, or scientist in a forensic, government or medical lab. If you are a police officer or civilian working in a policing agency, these courses can enhance your opportunities to be transferred to the forensic identification section or to work in crime analysis. If you are a defense lawyer or crown prosecutor, these courses will aid you in your job as you will gain a better understanding of how evidence is handled and how to interpret results.