Faculty & Staff

Management and Program Coordinators

Dean Hildebrand [Bio]
Associate Dean
Email: Dean_Hildebrand@bcit.ca
Phone: 604.451.6867

Sheila Early [Bio]
Program Coordinator, Forensic Health Science
Email: Sheila_Early@bcit.ca
Phone: 604.456.1198

David McKay [Bio]
Program Coordinator, Forensic Science
Email: David_McKay@bcit.ca
Phone: 604.432.8238

Patrick Neal [Bio]
Program Coordinator, Crime and Intelligence Analysis
Email: Patrick_Neal@bcit.ca
Phone: 604.412.7641

Raymond Yu
Program Coordinator, Digital Forensics & Cybersecurity
Email: Raymond_Yu@bcit.ca
Phone: 604.453.4092

Support Staff

Julia Dreyer
Program Assistant
Email: jdreyer@bcit.ca
Phone: 604.456.1197