MS Office and Software Applications

BCIT Computing Part-time Studies courses require an understanding of using an MS Windows-based PC on a network.

COMP 1002 Applied Computer Concepts

Learn to become a power user of PCs with the MS Windows interface. Understand proper file management, security issues and protecting your data. If you already know how to make full use of a Windows PC, then you could start directly in any of the following software application courses.

COMP 2010 Microsoft Office 2016

If you are not proficient in the use of MS Office, this single course will show you how to use MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Outlook at a proficient level.

COMP 1002 and COMP 2010 are also offered in a 6 week accelerated delivery on weekends, however please keep in mind that the same material is covered in half the time. Other sections are delivered in a super compressed format, Monday to Friday mornings over 2 weeks, for advanced students with prior experience.

Individual MS Office 2016 Courses - Our Complete Series

If you want to become a power user in MS Word, Excel, Access or PowerPoint, look at our individual course offerings in each of those areas. In 6 or 12 weeks learn to be an expert level end-user and be up to Microsoft industry certification standards.

One Day Workshops

One-day, non-credit workshops which are designed to increase your skill level in MS Office for those with some prior experience. Check 'Current Courses' for details.

Earn a BCIT credential and become an expert end user of personal computers and applications: Applied Computer Applications (ACA).