Computing and IT Courses

Computing Part-time Studies offers more than 150 courses at night and on the weekends.

COMP 1002 - Applied Computer Concepts or equivalent knowledge is the foundation for all higher level computing and IT courses.

Our 'COMP' prefix courses cover the following Computing and IT subject areas.

These courses may be taken separately or as part of BCIT credential programs.
Part-time Studies COMP courses are designed to be completed one course at a time.

Some students may be successful taking two PTS courses per term.
We do not recommend trying to complete more than two PTS courses per term.

The workload outside of class in many COMP courses is more than 10 hours per week.
Attendance is mandatory in PTS, missing any more than one lesson could result in failure.

Most COMP courses require specific prerequisites or equivalent knowledge.

Many courses require teamwork and presentations so all students must have strong English written and oral skills and be able to work in groups.