Student Awards

Brenda McLaren of IUGO Mobile Entertainment, presented awards to CST students, Taryn Stickney (top) and Christofer Klassen (bottom).

BCIT welcomes IUGO Mobile Entertainment as our industry partner who generously offers our students the following achievement awards:

IUGO Entrance Awards

Applications open to new students who are enrolled in September.

  1. Computer Systems Technology Diploma: $2,000 (one award)
  2. Computer Systems Technology (Games Development) Bachelor of Technology: $2,000 (one award)

IUGO First-Year Achievement Awards

Student winners selected by faculty at the end of first year.

  1. Computer Systems Technology Diploma: $2,500 (two awards)
  2. Computer Systems Technology (Games Development option) Bachelor of Technology: $3,500 (two awards)

Visit for more information.

About IUGO

IUGO Mobile Entertainment is an independent studio in Vancouver specializing in the design, development and deployment of premium games for smartphones. IUGO has been successful both in delivering recognized AAA titles for major publishers and with its own original IP. IUGO actively hires top BCIT grads and is excited to support young minds advancing their knowledge and skills through further education.