Success Story: Linda Chu

Linda Chu, BEST alumni, is an Organizing Consultant and the National President for Professional Organizers in Canada.  As the founder of Out of Chaos, her clients span from home owners, to entrepreneurs, to executives.

Through her company Out of Chaos, she has not only worked with executives and corporate teams to improve their workplace effectiveness, but is equally successful working with home owners, whether they are de-cluttering from their overwhelming piles, downsizing, or moving.

An in-demand speaker at conferences and in Work Health & Wellness programs she provides tangible strategies on how you can master the overwhelming challenges we all face in gaining control of our time, space, and information.  

Linda understands that when people are provided with the tools and knowledge to manage the continual volume of incoming items in their lives, they are less stressed and anxious.   They feel more in control and calmer which in turn contributes to better balance at work and home.  

Her work assists her clients to truly transform their lives physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Linda’s expertise has been sought after by municipalities and school districts and firms such as General Motors, IKEA, and Whirlpool Canada.

She has been seen regularly on Citytv Breakfast Television, heard on CBC Radio, and featured in publications such as Chatelaine Magazine, National Post, and Reader’s Digest.

Prior to the Professional Organizing Industry, Linda spent over 20 years managing front line operations in first class hotels in the Hospitality Industry.  Surviving the onset of down-sizing, required her to streamline work processes and develop systems that were more efficient and effective.

What Linda has to say about her experiences at BCIT's, Peter Thomson Centre for Venture Development; " Your entrepreneurial program was instrumental in launching my business."

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