Cocoa West Chocolatier Opened its Doors to the Public in July 2002

Joanne Mogridge - Cocoa West Chocolatier

Located in Artisan Square on Bowen Island, Cocoa West Chocolatier brings a fresh approach to chocolate making, crafting fine hand-made chocolates in the tradition of French and Belgian artisans. All chocolates are made using the finest natural ingredients, with no preservatives or artificial flavours. "Fresh chocolates at their very best."

After learning the art of chocolate making in Vancouver as a Chocolatier, Joanne decided it was time to fulfill her dream, "I knew I wanted to open my own shop but I needed some guidance to research and write a business plan to obtain funding". Joanne discovered BCIT's Venture program, enrolled in January 2002 and never looked back.

Within three short months Joanne's business became a reality. "I really enjoyed being amongst fellow entrepreneurs with dreams and goals similar to my own."

"I would highly recommend BCIT's Venture Program to anyone pursuing a business idea. The program gives you the opportunity to investigate the feasibility of your idea and completely immerse yourself in the research and planning while being encouraged and inspired by other entrepreneurs in the program."

Cocoa West Chocolatier opened its doors to the public in July 2002. Located on Bowen Island, the 600 square foot retail store front and chocolate production area is a success. Sales are growing and a reputation for fine handmade chocolates has enabled the company to have their products featured on the shelves at Caper's in Vancouver.