Restaurant Success Brings Out the BEST in Chindi Varardarajulu

Starting a restaurant in Vancouver is a formidable challenge. The failure rate for new restaurants is very high and it takes someone with great business savvy to succeed in such a demanding industry. Chindi Varardarajulu is just such a person. Chindi’s new restaurant, Chutney Villa, is a South Indian restaurant located at the hottest corner in town, Main and Broadway. Within 10 months of opening, Chindi’s eatery, Chutney Village, had become one of the most popular restaurants in the neighbourhood.

Part of the secret of Chindi’s success is the unique combination of flavours that she brings to her menu. Although Chindi was born in Singapore, her family came from Andhra Pradesh in Southern India. This rich heritage has allowed Chindi to create meals that are a distinctive fusion of several culinary traditions.

Chindi credits the BCIT BEST Program for much of her success. Chindi joined the BEST Program in May 2003. Only one year later, she had a detailed business plan in hand and started scouting for restaurant locations.

“The BEST Program organized my thoughts and helped me shape my ideas,” says Chindi. “My teachers were excellent and so were my advisers. We learned how to research the business idea and make it work.”

Chindi has experienced an impressive level of success over a very short period of time. In the Fall of 2004, she won the Inspiration 2004 Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the Food/Beverage/Entertainment category.

“I followed my business plan to the letter,” said Chindi, “and I would absolutely recommend the BEST Program to others who want to start their own business.”