"BCIT's Self Employment Program provided me with the skills needed to operate my business." Cameron Folk, 2013 BCIT Self Employment alumni.

Cameron Folk Productions is an independent film company. My company creates films with educational and artistic merit which explore unpopular or little known events in national and international history. Racism and class structure are recurring themes in my films which often deals with visible minorities and marginalized peoples. There are many stories to be told or retold or revised.

This company is centered on my background and education in Fine Art & Digital Media with a focus on documentary films. Documentary films are also art films; art films to be seen and enjoyed at festivals, films of an educational nature containing themes of interest to educators and institutions and to television producers and program directors of television networks.

The themes in my films have been primarily historical, although my most recent film, REGENERATION contained contemporary topics Two of my films aired on NOVUS television (2006/'07) and DVD copies of all my films are now included in the library catalogues of many universities, colleges and public libraries here in British Columbia and Canada. I am currently working on my next project.

I've lived in Vancouver BC for the past 20 years. Vancouver is one of the most diverse, metropolitan cities in Canada and North America. We have a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic population admired around the world. And while our current film & television industry is currently experiencing a slump, it will likely change in the future.

BCIT's Self Employment Program provided me with the skills needed to operate my business. It provides the much needed information required to be successful at whatever venture you may choose to undertake. Cameron Folk