Peter Thomson Centre for Venture Development, Founding Partner: CIBC


The Peter Thomson Centre for Venture Development (PTCVD) is a dynamic centre of business-related learning. The PTCVD specializes in providing relevant entrepreneurial skills training by experienced instructors that is designed to help students meet the challenges of starting and growing a new venture.

The PTCVD has successfully delivered entrepreneurial programs since 1986, helping business owners develop research and marketing skills, and create comprehensive and practical business plans to launch and grow their businesses. Currently, the PTCVD offers a variety of courses and programs—full-time, part-time, online or custom-designed for your company's specific needs.

To find out more about PTCVD courses and programs and how the they can help you launch and/or grow your business, please contact:

Ken Takeuchi
Advisor, Venture Development Centre
604-412-7693 |