Mature Students

Individuals who do not meet the traditional entrance requirements have an alternative path to complete a diploma or degree. If you have five to seven or more years of professional business experience, you may qualify for:
Alternatively, you may qualify for Direct Entry Option to second year of the following diploma programs:
Note that each direct entry option will require 2 to 5 program specific bridging courses prior to placement into second year. The specific courses are determined for each applicant at the time of assessment.

All of the above options first require an Advanced Placement and Prior Learning (APPL) assessment. All applicants will need to demonstrate that they meet the English requirements and meet one of the advanced placement eligibility requirements for their pathway.

English requirements: two years of education in English in an English-speaking country with English 12 or equivalent as required by the program. The BBA Executive Path requires a minimum of English 12 with 67%.

Learn more about BCIT's English requirements and how to meet them.

Advanced Placement Eligibility:
(At least one of the following)
BBA Executive Path Eligibility:
(At least one of the following)
The work experience indicated above is equivalent to:


There is a $115 mature student APPL assessment fee for applicants with Canadian credentials and/or work experience and $285 fee for applicants with international credentials and/or work experience. This fee includes:
**Prior learning assessment fees are additional, per course challenged.

APPL Assessment Process

To create your personalized education pathway, please complete the following APPL Assessment Process.

Step 1: Have the following documents ready:

Step 2: Request an Assessment.

Step 3: Pay Assessment Fee

The Financial department at BCIT will contact you shortly to process your payment. DO NOT SEND CHEQUES OR PROVIDE CREDIT CARD INFORMATION TO THE ADVISOR.

Please note: Your assessment will not be processed until the assessment fee and all documents including proof of English have been received. Assessment processing time is four to six weeks.

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