Outgoing Students

Full-time and part-time Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Accounting degree students and Global Business Studies certificate students are eligible to spend a semester on exchange at a partner university. Each year, there is a limited number of openings at institutes in a variety of countries. The timing and nature of course offerings also depend on the choice of institute. Students are encouraged to visit the partner institutes' websites to see which institute is best suited for their academic and personal goals.

ECTS and BCIT Exchange Credits

BCIT's European partner institutes work on a slightly different credential system called ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). One BCIT credit is worth approximately two ECTS credits. While on exchange, BCIT students need to complete 15.0 BCIT credits (or 30 ECTS credits) worth of classes.

Most of these classes will apply to the BBA's general education requirements, but in some cases, there will also be opportunities to complete BBA core business courses. Bachelor of Accounting students will need to work with their program department to choose the courses most appropriate to their needs.

How to Apply

BCIT BBA and Bachelor of Accounting students interested in applying for a semester at a partner institute should email us the following information by the appropriate deadline:

Application deadlines for the exchange are as follows:
*Please note: if you are applying to our partners in Austria or Japan for either Fall or Winter/Spring, the application deadline is February 1.

Successful applicants will be contacted within 5 business days of the deadline for a personal interview.

Scholarships/Student Aid

Scholarships and student aid are available for students going on semester or summer international exchanges. Links to these are provided below:

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