International Field Schools

BCIT Business Field School programs expand applied learning opportunities inside and outside of the classroom, providing enriching academic and cultural experiences. Summer Field School students participate in courses led by BCIT instructors, which are supplemented with international guest speakers and guided tours.

By attending a Field School you'll have the opportunity to receive credits for academic courses, learn about international business practices by visiting multinational companies, and ultimately, be fully immersed in the local culture. All of the events will be scheduled by the Field School program.

We are now accepting applications for the 2019 Field Schools:

  1. Austria and Italy [June 23 - July 13, 2019]

    Cities: Vienna, Vicenza, Verona, Bologna, Trieste, and Venice
    Companies: Ludwig Reiter, Lamborghini or Ferrari, Illy Caffe, Ducati, McArthur Glen Outlet, Chiarli Winery, Giorgio Armani, FRAU, Bisazza Mosaico, and Granarolo
    Historical and Cultural Sites: Museum of Applied Arts, Albertina Museum, Belvedere Palace and Museum, The Opera House in Vienna, Andrea Palladio's Teatro Olimpico and Villas, UNIBO, Verona's Arena, and wine tasting

    In your free time, you can visit the Alps, Florence, the hill towns of Tuscany, Lake Garda, or Rome.
  2. Japan [July 21 - August 10, 2019]

    Cities: Nagoya, Tokyo, and Yokohama
    Companies: Central Japan Railway Company, Kirin, Nissin Foods, SEIKO, Sony, and Toyota
    Historical and Cultural Sites: Akihabara, Harajuku, Meiji Shrine, Miraikan National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Koshoji Temple, Museum of Modern Ceramics, Mori Art Museum, Nagoya Castle, and Okazaki Mindscape Museum

    In your free time, you can visit Kobe, Kyoto, and Osaka.

Students attending the Field School have the opportunity to receive credit for academic courses, learn about international business practices by visiting international companies, and ultimately, to be fully immersed in the culture by means of guided tours, activities, events, sports, and interaction with local people.

Who can go: Anyone 19 years or older

What is included:

  • Two 3.0 credit courses
  • Field trips to course-related sites and companies
  • Accommodation and breakfast
  • Cultural program
  • Ground transportation
  • Free time for own travel
Cost: $5,595

*Dates, companies, and site visits are subject to change

How to Apply

Interested in applying to the Field School program? Email us with the following information:

Student Testimonials

"The lectures provided by the professors fit perfectly with the sites you visit. Each site you visit offers you a different experience. It gives you an idea of how different industries and businesses operate in different countries. You get an idea of how cultural differences dictate how business is done. Not to mention that you get a behind the scenes look at the day to day tasks. The sites visited offer a broad range of industries. Chances are you will find one that you as a student will connect with. Whether that is the automotive industry, textile, fashion, food etc. There is a great selection provided by the program. The hotel accommodations are fantastic! Locations are strategic, meaning that exploration of the city is very easy and is encouraged when you have free time. The people you meet on the trip have the same interests as you do, so making friends is an easy process. I still keep in touch with people from my group and visit them."
~ Klint

"Every hotel that we stayed at was top notch with all rooms having air conditioning and wifi. Each hotel provides you with complimentary breakfast. If you like bread, meat, cheese, fruit, and coffee you will be in luck! Most hotels had private gyms as well. The lectures all took place in air-conditioned rooms in the hotels, and the lectures themselves were never too long. Most of the learning took place out of the classroom at the site visits and city walks. Each site visit you would take notes on the industry and the business itself for the company write-ups due that week. I always looked forward to the company visits because they were all so unique and you are able to go behind the scenes and immerse yourself in the company and learn about them in a way many people wouldn’t be able to do. Aside from the actual courses, there is plenty of free time. Some of my favourite memories come from the trips that I was able to go on in the evenings and on the weekends. For example, I went to Croatia, Slovenia, and Lake Garda on the weekends and most weekdays, myself and a large group of friends would go out into the city and go to bars, restaurants, discos and hang out with the locals. "
~ Susan