Barcelona, Spain - Tetyana Y.

Name: Tetyana Y.
Home City: Vancouver, BC
Diploma program before the BBA: Marketing Management, Financial Management
Exchange Partner: Toulouse School of Business ESEC Barcelona
Duration: 1 Semester (Winter), 2012

What is a typical school day like?
Classes usually start around 9:00am. Some days, there are two hours of class and some days there are nine, it really depends on the week and the schedule. Classes don't run for the whole term, but they run depending on the individual instructor's schedule. You may have one course running for three weeks and another running for two months with different start dates. After school and on weekends, everyone is out enjoying Barcelona. Therefore, many breaks at school are spent discussing outings!

What is the campus like?
The campus is in a central location, it's quite small and has brand new equipment (Macs in computer labs and cafeteria). Staff are wonderful and teachers really know what they are talking about!

What did you do to have fun?
What isn't there to do to have fun in Barcelona? It's the city of fun! You can find everything from beaches, night clubs, shopping, gothic architecture, surreal parks, Catalan culture, crowded plazas, FC Barca football matches, museums, restaurants, tapas bars, and markets. There is a carnival or a festival about every month and every weekend feels like New Year's celebrations! Whatever you are into, it is bound to be here!

Why would you recommend exchange to others?
You will honestly have the greatest time of your life. You will grow as an individual and build a lot of character. You will learn languages, a new culture, and meet new people. You will experience living alone in a different continent. Best yet, you will meet amazing people who will become great friends!!

What is your favorite memory or story involving your exchange?
This is a tough question as I cannot pick out one particular thing, but I've got to say that every day, waking up under the Barcelona sunrays is enough to absolutely fill your heart with joy, passion, and energy. Simple things are unbelievable! My walk to the gym involves 20 monuments, the beach, and a dozen fantastic sights.

What one tip would you give to students preparing for exchange?
Prepare for the unexpected. Usually, many things come up that can potentially make your exchange difficult. Ensure you to have all banking information, insurance, medical coverage, records, and electronic copies of all documents.