Incoming Experiences - Hyunsok L.

Name: Hyunsok L.
Home Institution: Kookmin University, South Korea
Home Town: Seoul, South Korea
Term Visited: Winter, Spring 2016

Before going to BCIT as an exchange student, I had the 'Living Abroad Dream' that most Asians have to live or study in another country, which has a different language. First, I was really worried about my English and I'm not sure whether I could follow classes. We have a different language and culture between Korea and Canada, but my classmates not only have good communication skills, but also understand my situation and want to help me. They're really helpful to overcome my homesickness and also that's why I can keep my effort to study hard. BCIT has a lot of activities for international students so they can adapt to school easily. I will never forget my fantastic memory of BCIT forever and if there is any chance to go there and study there, I definitely would choose it.

Favourite memory:
I had team presentation with my teammates in front of students and instructors in the lecture theatre. I was really nervous because I don't want to make any problems in my team, especially because of my English. So I practiced a lot before the presentation so that I could successfully present my part and get a satisfied mark. I felt accomplished at that time and I can't forget my teammates saying. "Your presentation was really good. I can see the effort that you took to prepare the presentation."   

One tip I would give to students preparing for exchange: 
Do whatever you want! Study very hard in BCIT (I think you will have to :P). Make many friends and enjoy the time with them like crazy! That's one of the things I can easily adapt to BCIT and a different country. Also travel around Canada and US! You can realize you're living in just a small part of the world! If you want to fulfill your dream, just do it and have a great time in BCIT!