Incoming Experiences - Dagmar B.

Hi, my name is Dagmar and I'm a student from the University Applied Sciences of Inholland, The Netherlands. Last semester I did my minor abroad in Vancouver at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). To encourage other students to study one semester abroad I would like to share my findings and experience with all of you.

It all started with my arrival in Vancouver on August 14th. I had two weeks on my own to explore British Columbia, so I did. I spent two weeks exploring Vancouver to get familiar with my new home city. I went to the International Orientation Day at BCIT and joined the other international students for a weekend trip organized by BCIT, which was really fun because you get to know other people at your school and I quickly made new friends. Some of the students that I met during that weekend trip became even my travel buddies after my semester abroad. Can you imagine that within a couple of months you get to know people so well that you travel with them for a few weeks? I think that is one of the best experience I had.

School started and I had to get used to almost everything, since BCIT is such a big school and it took me three weeks to finally memorize where everything was. Also I had to get used to all new faces. For my classmates it was easy as they only had to remember six new names and I had to remember all the names of the students in my program. I was a little overwhelmed the first month with living in a new city and on the other side of the world, surrounded by new people, new school, and using a different online communicating tools (D2L, my BCIT).

I enjoyed every moment of studying and the free time I had. Everything was new and it was a whole new experience, a new adventure that started. Besides doing my homework, studying for midterms, and watching Netflix, I loved to go out for a hike. The places I liked most were: Stanley Park, Dog Mountain, Joffre Lake, Garibaldi Lake, Whistler, and Seattle!

During the week my friends and I held international dinners and every week someone else made a delicious meal. The weekends were mostly for having fun and to discover new hikes. Studying at BCIT or in general studying abroad is really good for your own development, because you learn to work together with new cultures. While working together on group projects, you will notice that everyone works differently and communicates different. It is on you to be flexible and to be open for new things. When I look back over the last couple of months of studying abroad, I have no regrets and I would never take it back. It was so much fun and I learned a lot. My experience with BCIT was amazing and I want to thank all the people who were a part of making this semester unforgettable. I also really recommend other students from BCIT to go abroad!