Zagreb Construction - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: Zagreb Construction
Project Description: Construction Management Process
Students: Rob Thom, Mathieu Haack
Term: Spring 2014
BCIT Program: Business Operations Management
Zagreb Construction Inc. is a privately owned construction management company that specializes in small-mid sized commercial construction projects in Western Canada. Zagreb has been operating out of their head office in Coquitlam for the last 40 years and has recently transitioned to be the primary contractor for 7-Eleven.

The purpose of this project was to analyze symptoms affecting the Construction Management Process at Zagreb Construction Inc. and provide recommendations that would improve cross-functional communication, limited use of project schedules and reduce cost overruns and project delays.

The BCIT Project Team used various tools to conduct research on the symptoms affecting Zagreb Construction Inc. The team developed surveys to interview Superintendents on-site and Project Managers in the office to develop a baseline for process activities and to validate the symptoms. The Project team was able to develop a comprehensive process map and cause and effect diagrams to determine root causes. A full-scale financial audit on six previous projects was conducted to provide support for their findings and solutions were developed and weighed against two separate matrices (criteria of evaluation and symptom reduction) to determine the most suitable plan for implementation.

Based on the research conducted by the BCIT Project Team, the following findings were noted:
The BCIT Project Team has provided the following four working systems, approved for implementation: