Wilkinson Steel - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: Wilkinson Steel
Project Description: Process Flow Improvement
Students: Brian Lee and Natalia Rusanova
Term: Fall 2012
BCIT Program: Business Operations Management
At Wilkinson they try their best to provide their customers with the lowest cost possible. This in turn means low margin levels for the company. They also aim to be a one-stop shop, meaning they carry a variety of different metals in their Vancouver facility. By doing so, it gives them a competitive advantage over other companies, which will draw more customers to Wilkinson.

After thorough examination at Wilkinson Steel, it is evident that there is a bottleneck taken place mostly in bay 5 and 6, which can be explained by insufficient utilization of floor space.

In order to counter act this situation a number of recommendations have been made so the bottleneck can be reduced. They include a standard marking system, band mill and empty racking removal, graveyard truck loading changes, OS/D relocation, monthly meetings, and finally reorganization of bays 3-6.

With the implementation of these improvements Wilkinson Steel and Metals should expect a cost savings of upwards of $50,000 annually. Additionally it is going to make the employees’ jobs much easier because they are not going to have to go digging for materials.