Vancouver Coastal Health - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: Vancouver Coastal Health
Project Description: Attendance & Wellness Program
Students: Katie Bekiaris, Hermun Gosal, Chelsea Stanley
Term: Spring 2014
BCIT Program: Human Resource Management
Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) employs approximately 18,000 employees and is unionized environment. This health authority serves 25% of BC’s population in southwest region of the province.

The main objective was for the student consulting team to discover ways to discuss wellness in a sensitive and appropriate manner and to find wellness resources within VGH and the surrounding community. To help find ways to enhance VCH’s program both primary and secondary research was conducted. After assessing VCH’s needs and the direction of the program is headed, we are recommending several changes to heighten wellness within the program. Additional focus on wellness is strongly advised in order to ensure the success of the wellness aspect of the program. The implementation of this recommendation is minimal but creates a lasting impression.