Vancouver Aquarium - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: Vancouver Aquarium
Project Description: New Market Research
Students: Louise Abaga, Quentin Segal & Stanley Yen
Term: Spring 2015
BCIT Program: Business Management
Ocean Wise is a conservation program under the Vancouver Aquarium that works directly with restaurants, suppliers, markets, and food services to educate and empower consumers to make ocean-friendly seafood choices.

To be able to increase accessibility to sustainable seafood, Ocean Wise must expand into new markets. Although Ocean Wise has a great number of active partners in Vancouver, there are not many participating restaurants in cities adjacent to Vancouver, such as Richmond and Burnaby.

This project required the project team to conduct primary research by interviewing restaurant chefs and owners to determine their familiarity with sustainable seafood. We approached approximately 25 restaurants, 12 of which were willing to participate in an interview. Also, we collected quantitative information from consumers by asking them to fill out a quick online survey regarding their familiarity with Ocean Wise.

From the information gathered, the project team has identified potential partners and created strategies and recommendations for approaching new businesses.