UBC Building Operations - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: UBC Building Operations
Project Description: Vehicle Fleet Assessment
Students: Rayman Dale and Collin Guo
Term: Spring 2011
BCIT Program: Business Operations Management
The purpose of this project was to conduct an assessment of the UBC Building Operations’ vehicle fleet. The project included a consolidation of the vehicle information into a single source and the development of a framework to categorize vehicles based on their fuel consumption, green house gas emissions and maintenance costs.

UBC Building Operations fleet consists of 194 vehicles. These vehicles are used as service vehicles, for landscaping work, street cleaning and garbage pick-up amongst others.

UBC Building Operations fleet exhibits a broad range of vehicle makes and models, resulting in an extensive inventory of parts and maintenance equipment to service the department fleet. Throughout this project, the team also learnt that some crews have the wrong vehicle for their operational needs, resulting in potential inefficiencies. The team also found that there was limited visibility on the operational cost per vehicle resulting in insufficient information to make replacement decisions. This means vehicles with high maintenance costs remain in the fleet longer than they should.

Through 9 weeks of researching, data collecting, analysis and employee interviewing, the team assessed UBC Building Operations’ fleet opportunity areas and produced four deliverables:
The vehicle classification method developed in this project can then be used to make vehicle replacement decisions. This information will allow the department to replace vehicles with the highest operating costs and the highest emissions first.

The team created templates that will allow UBC Building Operations to update all deliverables developed in this project and sustain evidence-based replacement decision making.