Tourism Burnaby - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: Tourism Burnaby
Project Description: Increase tourism through community events
Students: Jennafer Harkness, Nicolle Ilagan,
and Sabina Sarbu
Term: Spring 2012
BCIT Program: Marketing Management
Marketing Management students completed this business consulting project for Tourism Burnaby from January 2012 to May 2012. Tourism Burnaby is a non-profit destination marketing organization (DMO) whose purpose is to support tourism promotional activities in order to increase visitation to the city. The organization was incorporated on October 25, 2004 under the Society Act of British Columbia. As part of its mandate, Tourism Burnaby is responsible for marketing and promoting the city as a site for corporate meetings, pleasure travel, cultural experience, sports, and special events. The students were asked to find events that Burnaby has the capacity to undertake and with the focus to increase inbound visitors and overnight hotel stays. With the client’s recommendations, the students focused on the sports, arts, music, culture, or culinary and wine event categories.

The students researched the events industry by looking at events in and around the lower mainland, as well as those throughout North America. They researched events that were held in large metropolitan areas similar to Burnaby. The student team conducted in-depth interviews with industry professionals in the events industry to learn about current trends and issues within the events industry. A survey was created and completed by nearly 300 respondents. From the survey, the students were able to identify information on target demographic groups and possible popular events to bring to Burnaby.

After analyzing and interpreting all the data, the students presented three potential events to Tourism Burnaby that would be sustainable and creative in the community. Each of the three events incorporated multi-day activities, and targeted different niche markets. The report included potential event dates and the event venue, according to information presented in the research to best accomplish the goal of increasing visitors and overnight hotel stays. This business consulting project provided the Tourism Burnaby with vetted research into the potential of Burnaby’s events industry and target niche markets. The takeaway was the development of small event ideas that can grow into legacy events within the community.