Sonic Enclosures - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: Sonic Enclosures
Project Description: Success Measurement System
Students: Chris King, Jennifer Le & John Chisholm
Term: Spring 2015
BCIT Program: Business Management
The goal of the project is to provide Sonic Enclosures with a detailed report on internal customer service and marketing processes as well as recommendations on implementing a success measurement system and process changes. This project will allow Sonic Enclosures to move forward to designing, constructing, and implementing process changes and a successful measurement system. Sonic Enclosures will then be able to improve resource allocation efficiency, customer acquisition, and retention efficiency. The consulting project conducted by the BCIT students included the following three objectives:
  1. Producing a method to measure the effectiveness of the marketing
  2. Analyzing and researching how advertising with Business in Vancouver will be beneficial
  3. Conducting a gap analysis for the Receptionist’s job description
The project consisted of the conducting the following research:
We provided an effective method to measure the effectiveness of their marketing and metrics were developed to measure how efficient the current marketing processes were.

From the research we have conducted, we have recommended three marketing options from Business in Vancouver that is suitable for Sonic Enclosures. These options were derived from our data analysis and research.

Through conducting a gap analysis of Sonic Enclosure, we created a suitable job description for the receptionist that will align with the company’s overall objective. These objectives include characteristics of a customer service representative that will manage existing relationships with past customers and monitoring customer complaints.