Sonepar Canada - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: Sonepar Canada
Project Description: Update Performance Management System
Students: Claude Boldut, Chris Lewis, John Impelido
Term: Spring 2014
BCIT Program: Human Resource Management
Sonepar Canada has been on the Canadian Market for over twenty years and is striving to grow its business as well as improve the way it does business, including improving performance. Improving performance can be done by rewarding and training behaviors. To remain competitive in the market, Sonepar had identified a need for the design of a new Performance Review process.

This project consists of the processes and actions taken to update the Performance Review process which was based on Core Competencies. The current process uses only four main careers streams and is not specific to each job. Therefore the assessment of performance was hard to measure for each specific job.

In order to ensure accuracy, a number of employees from multiple jobs were asked to participate in a survey that generated the competencies that are at the core of Sonepar Canada. The competencies were then used to design Performance Appraisal questions and descriptive anchors that will be used in the new ADP Performance Management system.