SNC-Lavalin - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: SNC-Lavalin
Project Description: Procurement process analysis
Students: Sabrina Mittelbach and Chris Hillier
Term: Spring 2012
BCIT Program: International Business Management
The purpose of the project was to review, analyze, and recommend improvements for the Hydro Procurement process. The project analyzed the process from pre-qualifying bidders, awarding the contract, execution, and the final close-out of each contract relating to the Waneta Expansion Project. The project involved interviewing various departments (Engineering, Scheduling, Administration, and Procurement) to gain an understanding of the current process and developing a process map based on those interviews. With the map, the students were able to identify areas that needed addressing in order to inject best business practices into the process. The project gave the Procurement department consistency, audit preparedness, mitigated delays, and an overall streamlined process.