Shift Delivery Co-op - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: Shift Delivery Co-op
Project Description: Delivery Preparation Process Improvement
Students: Chris Quan, Nima Amirzadeh, Tim Wong
Term: Fall 2011
BCIT Program: Business Operations Management
Shift Co-Op is an innovative cycle based distribution service organization based in Vancouver, BC. Shift’s mission is to replace conventional delivery trucks by transporting loads of up to 600lbs using their zero-emission, heavy-duty cargo tricycles. With this goal in mind, Shift invited BCIT Business Operations Management students to start a process improvement project in the delivery preparation process, specifically at the Mills Basics location. Initial symptoms that were causing inefficiency are riders plan their own routes, the preparation process takes over 2 hours, occasional backtracking, riders sometimes gets lost, and it is difficult to group parcels due to the way Mills Basics sorts the checklists.

Observation and data analysis revealed that the main area for improvement is in the Checking, Grouping and Sequencing processes. The three processes are inefficient and cut into the available time to complete the delivery of the parcels. Checking, Grouping, and Sequencing together takes up 65% of the total delivery preparation time.

The root causes of the problem are that there are no standard operating procedures, lack of formal training, and inefficiently sorted checklists.

The solution provided to Shift to improve the whole process is to use a zone labeling system with standard operating procedures to help outline the whole process step by step. The benefits of the zone labeling system are:
In addition, to support Shift’s future growth, a solution package was developed which consists of ergonomic training documents, ergonomic awareness posters, recommendations to increase efficiency during deliveries, a functional database, a feedback form for continuous improvement initiatives, and training material for new riders.