PuSh Festival - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: PuSh Festival
Project Description: Corporate Philanthropy & Sponsorship
Students: Alex Peterson, Justin Van Dyk, Cyrus Muir
Term: Spring 2014
BCIT Program: Business Management
Through its 2005 inception, PuSh Festival was created to shed light on the culture arts and entertainment scene in Vancouver, BC. Every January for three weeks, the festival showcases live performances from International, Canadian, and local artists in hopes of leaving audiences inspired, stimulated, and rejuvenated. This performance platform provides artists with a vessel to transpire their message in hopes of encouraging cultivation and a reaction from its audiences. As a non-profit organization, PuSh continuously strives to engage the public through a unique and diverse perspective, while uniting society as a whole.

The PuSh festival has grown substantially in size with an operating budget that started with $400,000 to one that exceeds $1.8 Million per annum. Because of this, PuSh relies heavily on corporate contributions to fund the festival. The PuSh festival is looking to better understand the further possibilities for corporate sponsorship and giving, current corporate philanthropic trends, and how/what corporations will align with PuSh’s current culture. This will all be completed with the end goal to generate increased corporate contributions to continue to grow the festival and audiences of contemporary performing arts.

Due to the intricate process associated with corporate philanthropy, it is a challenge for non-profit organizations to obtain a sustainable method of sponsorship and donation. Our business consulting team was given the task to work with PuSh to develop and create a comprehensive profile index of corporate entities that align with PuSh and their vision as a performing arts festival. This guide would be used to better understand which organizations should/could be considered as prospects for long-term partnership. As stated by Norman Armour, Executive Producer of PuSh: “This research is vital to the longevity of the festival by understanding potential and possibilities for corporate sponsorship and giving, current corporate giving trends and how certain corporations would best fit with PuSh."