Porte Development - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: Porte Development
Project Description: Real Estate Development Feasibility
Students: Ashley Duckworth, Kerriann Reimer
and Sunny Chahal
Term: Spring 2012
BCIT Program: Marketing Management
Ashley Duckworth, Kerriann Reimer and Sunny Chahal worked on a feasibility project for Porte Development during the Spring of 2012. Porte Development is a residential and commercial developer located in the City of Vancouver whose developments are placed throughout the Lower Mainland including Surrey, Richmond, and Vancouver. The purpose of the project was to determine the feasibility of developing a midrise office tower in an up and coming neighbourhood of Vancouver. Porte also wished to know whether the optimal return would come from leasing or selling this office space, as well as which type of tenants or buyers they should be targeting.

In completing the project, the team gained experience in constructing a business case, business plan, and a marketing communications strategy. In doing so, a great deal of time was spent talking with the city, interacting with the sponsor company, and learning about the development process. Day to day activities included coordinating team meetings, contacting a wide array of industry professionals and contacts, as well as gathering the necessary knowledge of every step in the development process; from rezoning applications and approvals with the city, to construction costs and timelines and finally, planning a successful lease out of the building upon hypothetical completion. It was determined that the potential return for this project supported beginning the development process, for which the team outlined all the necessary steps.

Beyond the day to day, this project also required a level of work, communication, and coordination at a level that had not yet been required. This in itself was a valuable learning opportunity, as the group went from three students who had never been in a group together to a high-performing, cohesive, and supportive work team.

The Business Consulting project really implements BCIT’s practical learning model by giving students the opportunity to acquire valuable, industry related skills. Beyond the project specific tasks, this project enabled the team to add value to a successful real estate company while growing their network by making quality connections within the real estate industry. This truly is a capstone project, which allowed the demonstration of all the skills acquired at BCIT. It enables students to engage in one of the best learning experiences of the diploma program and in the end, produce a project they are truly proud of for a well respected company in the industry.