Playboy Energy Drink - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: Playboy Energy Drink
Project Description: Competitive Analysis & Marketing Plan
Students: Andrea Tortolano, Vanessa Kevilovski, Thomas Hector
Term: Spring 2013
BCIT Program: Marketing Management
We did a Business Consulting Project for a retail company in the non-alcoholic beverage industry. Our task was to aid them in solving a business problem. They were launching a new product in Western Canada and what they wanted from us was a research report that looked at what makes consumers purchase a specific brand and what keeps them loyal to a brand. This required in-depth one-on-one and group interviews as well as interviews with retailers and on-premise channels. There was also quite an extensive secondary research component where we looked at things like target market, competitors, and other luxury brands’ marketing strategies.

The in-depth interviews took up most of our designated project days. We visited different areas of the lower mainland (specifically the downtown Vancouver area) to talk to restaurants and bars about branding.

The research was compiled into a 90-page research report. Based on the research, we were able to come up with several recommendations. These included social media tactics, mobile tactics, and off-line marketing tactics. Most of the recommendations did not require a large budget and could be easily implemented by the company. We found that they need to engage with their target market and once they start doing that, they will build a community that is loyal to their brand.

This project gave us a glimpse of what it’s like in the real world. We worked hard and accomplished something that we are very proud of. We benefit from the experience and the company benefits from the outcome and it makes the project worth doing.