Pacific Bolt - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: Pacific Bolt
Project Description: Reduce Machinery Set-Up Time
Students: Nikesh Dayal, Annika Gregiorieva
Term: Spring 2014
BCIT Program: Business Operations Management
Pacific Bolt is a steel manufacturing company that operates out of New Westminster, BC. A team of BCIT students were requested to help improve the set-up procedure and create a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) package for the small forge machine. The investigation took place during the months of March to May 2014.

The purpose of this report is to analyze Pacific Bolt’s small forge set-up procedures for the 3/4” Hex. The report documents the safest and most efficient standard operating set-up procedures. The analysis on the set-up procedure identified an opportunity for reducing set-up time variance by 46 minutes. To reduce the set-up time by 46 minutes, the following problems require a solution:
These cause multiple stack height adjustments during a set-up, leading to a potential jam. A $3,190 yearly cost is incurred from the adjustment process. Shim compression and equipment grinding both lead to an unknown amount of shims that go in each stack height for all set-ups. The set-ups range anywhere from 50 – 135 minutes, and produce approximately $338 of yearly scrap inventory.

The recommendations for eliminating small forge set-up time variances and machine jams are:
The results from the recommendations include:
By implementing these recommendations, there is a potential savings of $2,287 in the first year, as well a reduction of worker stress levels, and machine jams. The recommendation provides an opportunity for implementing the same procedures for all products that are manufactured on the small forge machine. A much larger cost savings can be achieved once all products use these recommendations.